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XRP News Sources Ranked

XRP News Sources Ranked

So you finally got around to learning about


Well Done!

Energy Hungry Bitcoin is a Snake eating its own tail. Bitcoin will FAIL and when it does Super Efficient, Super Fast, Super Green XRP will emerge from the Ruins as the Leader

Welcome to "The Great Wealth Transfer"


I have been studying and following developments in XRP (Will be / is being, re-branded as ODL, On Demand Liquidity) for 5+ years and these are most of my best video information sources. Many regurgitate similar information as news spreads through "The XRP Army" and with that I believe you only need to follow these first three for a good Daily Summary of developments and in my humble opinion they are the best. Remember to hit the Youtube Notification Bell when you Subscribe

The Best XRP Youtubers

The Bearable Bull

I really like the Bearable Bull certainly my favorite pick above all. He has a funny but no BS and to the point style with highly summarised and relevant news. It's great to listen to someone Intelligent and Positive on XRP

The Bearable Bull

My Number 1 Subscribe.. if you are invested in XRP be grateful for this dude

Digital Asset Investor

This guy is a Gem, he is a family man with a realistic view and Ex Morgan Stanley Trader. DAI was one of the three Youtubers personally invited by Ripple to the recent Swell Conference in Singapore where he connected with CEO Brad Garlinghouse, CTO David Schwartz, many of the top people in XRP and heads of World Banks and Billionaires do follow DAI

Digital Asset Investor

Kevin Cage

Kevin has a "One Take and Uncut" approach to the news, you are going to get a lot of value from this man who works hard for you. A definite daily follow

Kevin Cage

The following are not Ranked, I have found they all have value to add. If you subscribe to them all you are going to get a LOT of XRP information

Alex Cobb

Altcoin Daily

Ayden Trading


Blockchain Backer

Brad Kimes


Cash Flow Nexus

crypto Eri

Crypto Love

Crypto Mike



D.I.Y Investing

Esoteric Trading Solutions Teaching Crypto Markets

Jason McIntosh __ Motion Trader

Jungle Inc

Kevin Cage

Love For Crypto

Michael Zischeck


Mrlevelup / Awake


The Bearable Bull

The Modern Investor

Thinking Crypto

To The Lifeboats

Working Money Channel


CKJ Crypto News

Crypto Bear

Crypto Trader


CyPhlux XRP


Digital Asset Investor

DM Logic

Farhan Hussain


Leonidas XRParcade



Money Revealed

OZ Crypto

Rose On The Moon

S.P.Q.R Media


XRP Anonymous

XRP Venture

Yeshua Taylor

Notorious XRP

POLITICAL - Just throwing this one in here as an Interesting Follow


In this next Video Digital Asset Investor provides evidence that the worlds wealthiest family is poised to jump in on XRP and this will Crush Bitcoin, Depends who you believe.. they already have, Enjoy!

This is for Entertainment Purposes ONLY.. it is not Investment Advice !

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